About Us


The Antique Traders opened in San Francisco in 1970. Since our first day, we have carried only investment-quality and museum-quality decorative arts. We have been at the same 2500 square foot location since our first day in business. We have done numerous appraisals for Bonhams & Butterfields auction house and have advised the DeYoung museum in San Francisco. We have been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, Art & Antiques, and Paul Crist’s Mosaic Shades. We are considered by many to be experts in our field.

When Mr. Schneider first began in the Antique business 38 years ago, his research brought him to the Art Nouveau period. He quickly realized he had found his passion. The period features nature and is deeply influenced by the Asian culture and shows very flowing, feminine lines in its design.

The beauty of the period has influenced all of Mr. Schneider’s buying decisions. Unless an item is authentically of the period and in excellent condition, he doesn’t allow that item in his life. One thing he has realized in his 38 years of business is that he has only been loaned these items for a short period of time, he then sells them to clients and friends so they can share his passion. One regret that he has in this business is that there are not enough of these beautiful authentic period pieces available.